Counseling CEU WebinarsOur Fall Webinar Lineup is out.  Remember, if there are particular courses you need to have live for license renewal, let us know at least 2 months in advance and we will add them to the lineup.  Additionally, if you have at least 10 people who need a course we will add a special webinar session to accommodate your organization (or colleagues).  Simply submit a support ticket to support—



August and September Courses

  • 8-08-17 Building resilience
  • 8-10-17 Seven Habits for Effective Recovery
  • 8-15-17 Acronyms for Mental Health Recovery
  • 8-17-17 Acceptance Tools
  • 8-22-17 Jungian Archetypes: Respecting Diversity
  • 8-24-17 Addressing Treatment NonCompliance and Resistance
  • 8-29-17 Walking the Middle Path with Locus of Control and Attributions
  • 8-31-17 Don’t Sh** on the Present: Addressing Anxiety and Regret
  • 9-05-17 Interpersonal Skills
  • 9-07-17 Developing Momentum in Therapeutic Relationships
  • 9-12-17 Behavior Modification: Universal Application
  • 9-14-17 CBT Group Activities and Interventions
  • 9-19-17 The Many Facets of Anger
  • 9-21-17 Empowering Clients to Embrace Success
  • 9-26-17 Spiritual Steps to Recovery
  • 9-28-17 Happiness Habits: Prevention and Adjunct Intervention Techniques
  • 10-03-17 Addressing Procrastination

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