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Unique Needs of Children in Foster Care
Foster care awareness month
~ Explore some unique stressors for the child as well as caregivers
~ According to 2014 AFCARS data, approximately 53 percent of foster children remain in care for 12 months or more
~ Eighty percent of youth involved with the child welfare system require mental health intervention and services due to developmental, behavioral or emotional issues
~ Excessive amounts of cortisol and chronic HPA-Axis activation disrupts developing brain circuits and increases the risk for stress related disease and cognitive impairment well into the adult years (ACEs)
~ Providing supportive, responsive relationships as early in life as possible can prevent or reverse the damaging effects of toxic stress

Disrupted Attachment
~ Problems with affect regulation and dissociation
~ Lack of impulse control and attentional problems
~ Controlling stance used in peer and caregiving relationships (role inappropriate parent child interactive behavior)
~ Cognitive impairments
~ High Risk for Oppositional Defiant Disorder and aggression in middle childhood and low self esteem and dissociation in adolescence
~ Tend to repeat the cycle
~ When the child is developing a new attachment, particularly after disruption, setbacks can occur rapidly and have serious consequences because it represents a current loss and re-ignites the prior unresolved losses.

Attachment Intervention: CRAVES
~ Consistency: Be the go-to person that responds in an attentive, predictable manner
~ Responsiveness: Provide developmentally appropriate physical, emotional and cognitive support including learning to label feelings, triggers and warning signs and developing coping and distress tolerance skills
~ Attention (Proactive)
~ Validation/Empathy: Try to see the situation from the child’s perspective
~ Encouragement to explore and attempt new things
~ Support when things go wrong or through scaffolding

~ Young traumatized children’s reactions and behaviors are best understood in the context of relationship.
~ Foster care is an active intervention with the goal of helping the young child to recover from their traumatic experience, not just a “place to stay.”
~ The foster/resource parent is an essential partner in the recovery of the young child.
~ Transitions for young children should be carefully planned

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