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Abundance and Empowerment
Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, LMHC, CIBHP

• Explore how an abundance mentality can build on strengths and reframe “weaknesses” to help people feel more empowered to create a rich and meaningful life.

Abundance and Empowerment
• Abundance mentality means you believe there will always be plenty to go around.
• Scarcity mentality means you believe that there is a finite amount of resources that everyone competes for…
• Relationships
• Money
• Jobs
• Power
• When people become aware of abundance they are often awe-struck by the possibilities.

• How does a trauma history contribute to a scarcity mentality?
• Abuse/Neglect
• Abandonment / Death
• Loss (natural disaster, abilities…)

• How does a scarcity mentality contribute to emotional distress?
• FoR

• How can an abundance mentality contribute to awe and empowerment and reduce distress in each of the following areas?
• Physical
• Affective
• Cognitive
• Environmental
• Relational
25 Building Abundance Strategies
• Abundance grows from a sense of personal worth and security
• Safety
• Self-esteem
• Recognize the power of your thoughts
• Optimism (Tragic not Toxic)
• Notice the good/ Radical acceptance
• Empowerment (survivor) with a focus on what is working and what I can control
• Welcome competition as a catalyst to work harder and build more
• Be proactive: Set goals, learn and cultivate and share your passions
• Develop mastery experiences through successful small goal setting
• Compassion and happiness instead of selfishness and resentment
• Gratitude / thankfulness
• Possibilities and opportunities: Think BIG
• Believe there is plenty
25 Building Abundance Strategies
• Embrace change: Do what you have been doing and get what you have been getting.
• Look for the lesson
• Get organized so you can see what you have
• Create win-wins– We both succeed
• Associate with people who have an abundance mentality
• Share: It is hard to feel like something is scarce when you are giving it away (plus what you give away usually comes back—eventually)
• Think like a beginner seeking different perspectives and evolving knowledge
• Synergize: Unique strengths and collaboration not competition
• Balance in all things important
• Meditate/reflect/guided imagery each day “priming”
25 Building Abundance Strategies
• Unplug. Scrolling through social feeds and advertisers remind you of what you don’t have and what you should need or want
• Cognitive Restructuring: Identify your fears that come from a scarcity mentality and respond to them from an abundance mentality
• Semantics: Choose your words
• Costs become Investments
• Failure becomes Learning Opportunity
• Incremental becomes Exponential
• Changes become Transformations
• Problems become Opportunities
• People become Synergizers
• Status I have becomes Contribution I can make
• Management becomes Leadership

Make an Abundance Mindfulness Sheet
• Morning
• Visualize your BIG goals. (Awe inspiring goals)
• What are the steps I am taking today to move toward my goals, and with whom can I synergize to exceed expectations?
• What opportunities do I expect to have and how can I grow from them?
• Evening
• What went right today?
• What am I grateful for?
• What learning opportunities did I have?

Abundance Affirmations
• I am loving and lovable
• I am grateful for…
• I deserve to be happy
• Mistakes and failures can be disappointing and they provide opportunities to grow and flourish.
• I choose faith over fear
• Each moment brings new opportunities
• I am successful because I know what I want and I ask for it
• My prosperity in health, love and money is only limited by my own thoughts and behaviors

• Awe and wonder can help people connect to the universe around them
• Awe and wonder can inspire people to recognize the possibilities
• An abundance mentality capitalizes on awe and wonder to reframe our experience into one of cooperation and synergy instead of competition and scarcity.