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Ways Codependent Relationships Differ from Healthy Ones | Counseling and Social Work Skills

Understanding codependency is crucial for recognizing the difference between healthy and dependent relationships. Codependency often manifests as a relationship where one person feels a compulsive need to care for another, who may be dealing with addiction or mental health issues, which ultimately leads to a dysfunctional partnership. This relationship dynamic can deeply affect personal well-being and emotional health.

Why Trauma Beliefs Are So Hard to Change | Counseling and Social Work Skills

When you experience trauma, it’s like a deep wound in your psyche, one that affects how you view the world, yourself, and the safety of your environment. The beliefs that form as a result of trauma are essentially your mind’s attempt to protect you from future harm. However, these beliefs can sometimes become barriers to healing, making it difficult to move forward and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Post Traumatic Growth | Counseling and Social Work Skills

Recovering from trauma isn’t just about moving past your past, it’s about growing from it. This process, often referred to as post-traumatic growth, involves transforming a traumatic event into a pivot point for personal development. Imagine you’re reshaping the way you see yourself, your relationships, and your place in the world because of, not in spite of, your experiences.