075 -Self Esteem Building

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Presented by: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes
Executive Director, AllCEUs

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~    The Nature of Self-Esteem
~    Identifying and Disarming the Critic
~    Creating an Accurate Self Assessment
~    Identifying Cognitive Distortions
~    Developing Compassion
~    Shaking the Shoulds
~    Handling Mistakes
~    Responding to Criticism
~    Goal Setting
~    Core Beliefs
~    Building Self Esteem in Children
The Nature of Self-Esteem
~¬†¬† ¬†How you feel about yourself in contrast to who you think you ‚Äúshould‚ÄĚ be
~    The more rejecting we are of ourselves, the more
~    Distress we experience
~    We seek external validation
~    In order to develop healthy relationships people need to feel good about themselves
The Pathological Critic
~    Arsenal of shoulds
~    Origin of the Critic: Conditions of Worth
~    Why you listen to the critic
~    The role of reinforcement
~    Catching your critic
~    Unmasking his purpose
~    Talking back
Accurate Self-Assessment
~    Self-Concept inventory
~    Listing your strengths and weaknesses
~    Developing a new self-description
~    Celebrating your strengths
Cognitive Distortions
~    The distortions
~    Combating the distortions

~    Compassion defined
~    Creating a compassionate world
~    The problem of worth
~    Developing compassion for others
The Shoulds
~    How values are formed
~    The tyranny of should
~    Healthy vs. Unhealthy values
~    How should affects your self esteem
~    Challenging and revising your shoulds
~¬†¬† ¬†Atonement‚ÄĒWhen shoulds make sense
Handling Mistakes
~    Reframing mistakes
~    The problem of awareness
~    Raising your mistake consciousness
Responding to Criticism
~    The myth of reality
~    Responding to criticism
~    Putting it all together

Asking for What You Want
~    Legitimate needs
~    Needs vs. wants
~    Wants inventory
~    Wants into words
~    Whole messages
Goal Setting and Planning
~    What do you want
~    Selecting goals
~    Making your goals SMART
~    Making a commitment
~    Blocks to achieving goals
Core Beliefs
~    Identifying Core Beliefs
~    Developing new core beliefs
Building Self-Esteem in Children
~    The power of parents
~    Parents as mirrors
~    Look at your child
~    Listening
~    The language of self-esteem
~    Discipline
~    Autonomy
~    Modeling self-esteem
~    Self esteem begins in childhood
~    It is imperative to help people separate strengths and weaknesses from who they are
~    Self loathing and rejection contributes to dysphoria
~    Part of self esteem development includes
~    Values identification
~    Understanding wants vs. needs
~    Addressing cognitive distortions

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