Empowering Clients to Embrace Success
Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, LMHC
Executive Director: AllCEUs Counseling CEUs and Specialty Certificates
Podcast Host: Counselor Toolbox, Happiness Isn’t Brain Surgery

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~ Learn techniques to help clients
~ Describe Successful vs. Unsuccessful People
~ Develop compassion
~ Manage Stress
~ Use Positive Visualization

~ What does it mean to embrace success?

~ Think of a time in your past in which you have set out to do something and embraced success.
~ What did you do?
~ How did your mindset impact your motivation?
Why Embracing Success Is Important
~ Increases empowerment and hope which increases motivation
~ Turns obstacles into challenges
~ Helps people focus on successes instead of failures

Successful vs. Unsuccessful People
Successful People
~ Think of 3 successful people. List 5 reasons why you perceive them as successful.
~ Do they succeed at everything?
~ How do they handle failures?
~ How does viewing themselves as successful help them?


Unsuccessful People
~ Think of 3 unsuccessful people. List 5 reasons why you perceive them as unsuccessful
~ Do they fail at everything?
~ Do they perceive themselves as unsuccessful? Businessman and the Fisherman

Successful vs. Unsuccessful People
~ What does success mean to you? (What would life look like if you were successful?)
~ Power
~ Financial/material possessions
~ Relationships
~ Respect of others
~ Self-respect (Can you look at yourself in a mirror)
~ What is the difference between being an unsuccessful person and not succeeding at certain things?
~ Where did your ideas about success come from?
~ Do you agree?
Developing Compassion
~ You tend to hold yourself to a higher standard than others and are more critical of yourself.
~ How does this impact your sense of success?
~ What does compassion mean?
~ Accepting that not every day is an “A” day
~ Taking all factors into consideration
~ Being willing to ask for help without judgement
~ Viewing success in the context of the present moment… “With all that is going on right now…”
~ Recognizing that everyone has strengths and weaknesses (Synergy is the key)
Developing Compassion
~ Mindfulness
~ Compassion is grounded in an awareness of what you need.
~ Mindfulness helps you increase your awareness of
~ When you need to back off or ask for help
~ When you are succeeding (instead of taking the positives for granted)
~ What would happen if you extended the same compassion to yourself as you extend to others?


Managing Stress
~ Stress is another word for anxiety
~ Anxiety is a response to a threat
~ Examine what is causing your “stress”
~ Fear of failure? Success? Loss of Control? Rejection/being judged?
~ Poor time management? Lack of balance?
~ Ineffective goals/lack of reward
~ What is the effect of stress on success
~ Underlying “stress” drains energy
~ Less energy for success  less movement toward success

Using Positive Visualization
~ Does your definition of what success looks like look the same as your definition of what life would look like if you were happy?
~ How can you be happy and successful?
~ What is most important to you?
~ Describe what a happy and successful life will look like.
~ What needs to change? What is the first step to this change?
~ What will stay the same?
~ Review this description daily.
~ When making decisions, always refer back to your vision and answer the question… “What can I do in this situation to continue moving toward my goals?”

~ The goal of change is obviously success
~ Having a success mindset
~ Empowers and motivates people
~ Maintains focus on what is important
~ Assists in balancing energy and priorities
~ Helps people recognize that success does not mean perfection and failures are learning opportunities
~ Increases appreciation of other’s strengths and encourages synergy